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All Flat Dark Gold Kanohi on '03 Takanuva :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 7 1 Alternate Build for Speeder Bikes (7128) :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 8 0 Custom Sniper Riffle :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 0 0 Commander Bly's Custom BARC Speeder :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 8 0 ARC Troopers :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 0 0 Pokescum :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 1 0 Good Luck, Bomberman :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 2 2
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Beating Your Dad Up for Dummies :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 5 2
Modified Ekimu V1 :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 2 7 Ghosty (Happy Birthday, Ben!) :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 4 0 Hibiki :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 5 1 BIONICLE MINIFIGURE :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 0 0 Clone Lieutenant Prowl (CL-2698) :iconc1ntrpr-studios:C1NTRPR-STUDIOS 7 0


Black Gryphon :icondjokson:Djokson 87 6
Almost got expelled for doing nothing....
Yesterday at around 2 pm my english teacher (which barely knows english) saw my phone in my chest pocket with the camera pointing towards her , and the she reached to me and snatched it , and then i asked "but what did i do?! I WASN;T EVEN TOUCHING IT" and she thought i was filming her( to be fair , i used to film her , but i only shared the films with a small amount of friends that didn't even know her , i mostly filmed her stupidity for my own entertainment and i only had audio because i kept my phone in my pencil box all the time , i didn't point the camera at her.) , i obviously took my ohpne back forcefully from her because she had no evidence about it , so she kept arguing me and i told her" after class let's go to the principal to settle this once and for all! since i'm done dealing with you !" so after class i had to wait for my principal to come , since she wasn;t at school , i waited till 4 pm for her to come , and i explained her the situation , and my teacher explained it t
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Skull Basher Revamp :iconshadowwolfhount:ShadowWolfHount 22 5 The Shadowed One Revamp :iconshadowwolfhount:ShadowWolfHount 16 3
I think the battle droids were a cool idea.
As much as it pains me to bring up TPM, I've gotta say, one of the most interesting things about the world it presents, to me, is the battle droids. Sure, we can joke about how easily any one droid can be taken down by a Jedi, how clumsy and stupid they are, but in large numbers... oh man. These battle droids are TERRIFYING. Like, as a concept.
Remember, this was a few years before the Galactic Civil War broke out and you had these being deployed everywhere, and before the clone army came along, so whoever was making these droids back then basically pioneered the concept of a made-2-order army. Sure, there have been droids built to fight for thousands of years, aiding the Sith and the like, but never in such large, efficiently distributed quantities. It's like ordering a coupla' hundred pizzas.
Say you're some rich jerkwad, like a Hutt who's had enough and wants to kill off his enemies overnight. No problem! Just ring up these trade guys and they'll send you an entire platoon for cheap
:iconnickinamerica:NickinAmerica 13 42
Out of darkness they come crawling :icondarkraimaster99:Darkraimaster99 52 14 Expectations VS Reality :icontheaxelandx1:TheAxelandx1 8 0 Lego Star Wars MOC: K-2SO (revamped) :icontheaxelandx1:TheAxelandx1 32 5 D.Z.No:001 CogMan :iconnoukamouthegreat:NoukamouTheGreat 14 4 Bionicle MOC: The Dark Brother :iconrahiden:Rahiden 376 131 Caricature Map of Europe 1914 :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 17,549 1,643 Trip to the discount outlet store :icon1004gree2:1004Gree2 3 0 Inappropriate ROBLOX toy misprint: Classic Boob :icontumalord635:Tumalord635 5 0 Kulor, Toa of Stone WIP :iconmrbolttron:MrBoltTron 92 7 Revamp : I am the Hunt :iconvahki6:vahki6 42 16 Bricklink Haul (2/24/17) :iconnoukamouthegreat:NoukamouTheGreat 5 1


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Hey guys. I just want to say merry christmas here! I recently made a vlog where I talk about how I feel my channel has been throughout this year. Instead of going through accomplishments, I'd figure I talk more about what I had learned. Enjoy!


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You know what I'm gonna do now? I'lll join Mozune's bonkle terrorist group and become one of his suicide bombers. That'll show.
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LOL I love how the kid is there.

Btw I'm making a dummies book for Bioinicle fanboys
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GETT OFFF tHE Interntet RIGHT NOW i hate youu so much you g1 fanboy!!!11!!!1!1111!!!1!!1
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